Marriage mail is simply a direct mail product that is delivered via USPS using multiple advertisers to share the cost of postage. Examples of these products would be newspapers, shoppers, magazines, RedPlum or local community circulars. DMP Solutions features The Guide as its premium marriage mail piece. Use The Guide in South Central PA or let us research the most effective product in your target area. Many customers use a mixed combination of exclusive direct mail and marriage mail.



Use a print ready file or work with our team to design a product conveying your unique message. Once your perfect piece is professionally printed, it is time to decide how you want to mail it. Though individual direct mail is the most exclusive, marriage mail is the least expensive.



Established Customer List
DMP Solutions will strategically design custom mail programs to reach your valued customers. Mail on a scheduled basis for repetitive purpose, or target specific events and campaigns.

Defining Your Customer
Use our vast database options to meticulously identify your customer through geographic/demographic tendencies, or specific analytical lists. Most are at the household level.

FOR EXAMPLE: Age, Gender, Age & Gender of Children, Income, Length of Residence, Year home was built, Home Value, Pet Owners, Presence of Pool, Lot Square Footage, Available Home Equity, Vehicle Info.

• New or recently include: Parent, home buyer, college grad, married, divorced and mortgage borrower

 New Mover/Home Owner: Can be selected by distance of move, date range of move, income and home value

 Business Files: Select SIC code, size of business (Employees or Sales) Top contact individual

 Professional Files: Doctors, Nurses, Attorneys, Dentists, AMA File & ADA File

 Hobbies or Interests: You define it and we probably have a list for it.